Social & SEO Stats Lookup

By Rapid Purple

We've always loved giving back to the webmaster community with free tools & online resources. When we first launched our free SEO analysis service nobody expected it to gain alot of popularity - alas it did. Getting a simple report featuring key SEO metrics and Social Media statistics is an extremely useful service for any webmaster and website owner. That is where RapidPurple.Report came in.

The new tool runs an SEO analysis of your website, looking into 20+ key SEO metrics and showing you a breakdown of your Social Marketing & SEO strategy.

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Full SEO Stats

No need to check SEO stats on different websites and tools. Just one tool and More than 20 SEO metrics

Compare Websites

With our unique comparison tool you can compare your SEO metrics with competitor's website

Export Report

You can easily export your websites SEO report in CSV, XLS, XML or JSON format for quick offline analysis.

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